Success Stories

Read what people are saying about the Acupuncture & Natural Healing Center:

Since receiving treatment for knee, leg, chest pain, and lower back problems, I noticed less pain right away. I can now walk better and I am more functional at work.”
– Joe

After the treatments I have been able to sleep better. I feel centered and calm and I am able to deal with stress at work much better. The acupuncture service was excellent. Carole cares about her clients, she listens to your concerns and makes helpful suggestions.”
– Pat

After surviving kidney cancer and now battling memory problems, the treatments have helped me very much. I feel ready to take on the world, increased energy level, more focus and alertness. It’s a most pleasant experience, wouldn’t miss it ever!”
– Paul

I came to the center for restless leg syndrome, digestive problems and sleep problems. After a few treatment sessions my sleep is better, my digestive system has improved and I am able to handle stress a lot better. Carole is knowledgeable, skillful, and kind.”
– Karen

I came to see Carole for sciatica pain and I found pain relief and tension relief from the treatments. I had never had acupuncture before and was skeptical. My opinion has completely changed! I am sleeping better and feel less tense.
– Jill

I was treated for pain management and insomnia and acupuncture has lessened the pain in my left arm and shoulder and I feel more de-stressed and sleep much better now. I am calmer than ever before.
– Miriam

I received treatment for neck pain and acupuncture has released the spasm on the left side of my back, shoulder, and neck. I have been able to continue working, have lower stress, and am much happier. It was my first time doing acupuncture and I do recommend it to others.
– Carmen

I came for stomach and upper back pain and now my back doesn’t hurt anymore and I am able to digest cooked foods and natural fats without pain. I feel happier and less stressed after acupuncture treatments. Carole is very compassionate and takes my symptoms seriously.

Carole treated me for pain and depression. The treatments improved my mood and motivation and I was able to decrease my anti-depressant medication. There is a reduction of pain in my back and legs and a reduction in sleep from twelve to eight hours a day. I am happier and feel less stressed and my most recent cold was even milder than usual.
– Julia

I came to Carole for relief for my Crohn’s Disease. Acupuncture has helped my body as a whole and now it’s better equipped to handle the setbacks caused by my autoimmune disease. The treatments have brought my stress levels down and my energy levels up! Acupuncture has helped me stay healthy and maintain energy so I can be a better mom.

My journey treating my Fibromyalgia took time and effort. I went to Carole two times a week for a year and a half in addition to taking Chinese herbals and following her nutritional advice to adjust my diet. All the hard work paid off. I went from almost having to retire to being able to manage work and family with joy again. Stress is much more manageable and my pain is something I am able to treat now. I feel like a new person!