Frequently Asked Questions

What is an acupuncture treatment like?

Generally, the effects of acupuncture are gentle, with limited side effects. Treatment with acupuncture needles is the most commonly used technique. However, acupuncturists may utilize other forms of treatment such as moxibustion, dietary modification, herbal recommendations, cupping. Treatment may also include electro stimulation. Since each person is unique the number of treatments needed will vary. Among the determining factors are the type of condition, whether the condition is chronic, or acute, and the vitality of the individual. As you improve fewer visits are required. These treatments should not replace appropriate medical attention when needed.

Is acupuncture safe?

Acupuncture and Chinese herbology are safe procedures and are well known for their efficacy and lack of side effects when administered by a qualified practitioner. Disposable needles are used. NCCAOM certified practitioners comply with strict regulations for proper needle technique.

Will my insurance cover acupuncture?

Some health care plans cover acupuncture. Check with your insurance carrier to determine your coverage. We accept Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield and Cigna.

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